bitly chrome extension promo

Chrome Extension

Tiny fish for your shiny browser!

A powerful extension for the Google Chrome web browser. You'll be able to shorten and share right from the browser window, and see the metrics and page titles of bitly URLs before you click them. Go to to install it!

August 6, 2010

QuickMaps promo

MapQuest Quick Maps

Location is where it's at!

With MapQuest Quick Maps, you can enter an address, place, or business and immediately get a shortened URL (e.g. for the map of the location that you can copy, paste and share! Go ahead and it!

March 9, 2011 promo

Come on and jump, 21 jump street!

When you really need those two extra letters, but all the power of bitly - it! Powered by bitly, short URLs work on bitly and vice versa. That means all of your clicks will be tracked, and your favorite bitly tools and API methods are still available. Go ahead and!

September 4, 2009